The theme for the edition of this year will be the use of sulfonylureas in the management of weeds on corn. The event will take place in Az. Agricola “Cerri” in Turano Lodigiano (LO).

Sulfonylureas are a group of compounds widely used in agriculture to control grasses (Poaceae) and differents dicotyledons on different crops. They function by interfering the biosynthesis of different amino acids by inhibiting the via acetolactate synthase (ALS). Because of their specific mode of action and their wide use, the resistance to these compounds have been ascertained in many countries on many weeds.

We will focus on three objectives:

1) To evaluate the efficacy of sulfonylureas applied at different stages of development of the weeds.

2) To evaluate the efficacy of sulfonylureas applied alone or in tank mix with or without adjuvants / synergists.

3) To evaluate the use of other compounds which could substitute the use of sulfonylureas

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