Past edition

Cereal variety

The "variety" section dedicated to field trials is a fundamental support for a scrupulous choice of barley, triticale, soft and durum wheat, and blends. Different varieties bring different performances; therefore, it is important and essential that the information obtained by yield tests is able to give results useful for choosing the varieties that adapt best to the sowing areas. Campo Demo presents itself as the connection between farmers and seed production companies; to the latter this initiative offers several possibilities for experimentation: An exhibition space called Showcase Field to welcome interested farmers, technicians and retailers, describing as well as possible the genetic potential of the presented materials. An area dedicated to parcel plot trials for comparing varieties related to the cultivation of soft wheat, barley and tritical for the production of wheat. A space for forage crops in pure stands, in a mixed pasture system or the production of biogas/biomethane.
Merlino (MI)